A world that is never the same.

A world that feels real.

A world where you set the difficulty.

A world that has no limits.


Connecting to a character in a way never experienced.

Feeling your heart race after a battle.

Crying at a loss.


Falling in love with table top role playing all over again…

Universal Universe (U.U) is all these things and more. A new way of role playing that has no limits. Where the player sets the difficulty and the world “type” before the start of each campaign. Each campaign is unique, lasting a weekend, a month or years and focuses on an epic journey through a world still yet to be determined, with characters of origin and race you’ll not find in a PHB. U.U. allows the player to be creative. Be an elf, dwarf, or something completely new.

Join us as our GM takes us through a world full of intrigue, love, danger, death and horror. A world where only your imagination is the limit.

(All artwork done by Regina Ratliff. Character portraits are done during gaming sessions)

Universal Universe

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